PRP Hair loss treatment

Since PRP has at least 7 growth factors and ample platelets that are rich in
cytokines (intercellular transmitter), it regenerates as it promptly eliminates
various abnormal reactions in inflammatory focus. It also helps the normal
immunomodulatory process.

* Generally, hair loss occurs when necessary nutrition or blood for hair 
growth is not properly delivered to the hair root. By injecting PRP,
platelets can be directly supplied to the hair root and promote regeneration
of hair and damaged tissue.

PRP Hair Transplant

– It features an advanced engraftment over the existing hair transplant techniques.

– It provides better hair transplant efficacy when coupled with PRP treatment as it reduces swelling and inflammation.

PRP + FNS (Fractional Needle System)

FNS is a skin restoration system that induces self collagen generation without impairing or removing epidermis as existing peeling treatment techniques do.

FNS is safe, easy to use, and free from side effects, creates and rearranges dermal tissue through the natural healing process resulting from the penetration of a microneedle into the skin.

* If FNS is used after injecting PRP into the applicable area of hair loss, it works better. Besides, with its use of a blood of your own, it causes no side effects such as discomfort or allergic reactions compared to other treatment techniques employing artificial substances.

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