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December 12, 2018

Dry skin may not be life-threatening; However it is very uncomfortable and it can lead to several side-effects such as flakiness, itching, wrinkles and eczema.

As time passes by, the skin’s ability of maintaining moisture decreases. So, it is recommended to be extra careful regarding the skin’s maintenance.

Although the external hydration is important, let’s bear in mind that internal care can make a difference in the behaviour of the skin. In fact, drinking water in a good quantity every day can save you from that body look of rough and dry skin.

For moisturize the skin, apply creams that contains Lactic and Glycolic acid which will increase hydration and cell turnover.

When a problem like this is self-diagnosed, ingredients like perfume, kaolin and tea tree oil should be avoid. Sometimes the individual treats the symptoms and not the problem, when it comes to the dryness. In order to truly assuage this issue, the moisturize has to contain ingredients that represent benefits for your skin, considering that it has to suit the person for a lifetime.

Having explained the importance of those ingredients, MCCosmetics offers the Moisturizing Cream, which has the Lactic Acid as main ingredient. It is a hydro-nutritive cream for face, neck and neckline promoting the skin softness and elasticity.

Another suggestion for it is The Lactic Acid peeling of MCCosmetics, recommended to dryness issues. The active ingredients of the lactic Acid have a moisturizing effect, attracting water molecules to the surface of the skin and stimulating ceramide synthesis.

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