Separated PRP are produced as an eye-drop. The PRP eye-drop is an extract in which various growth factors (platelet growth factors) are concentrated, and it is very effective for the recovery of corneal epithelia.

Advantages of PRP LASEK

– PRP LASEK is free of side-effects from corneal epithelia vestige and ensures rapid recovery as the speed of regeneration in the corneal epithelia is faster than existing LASEK treatments.

– The possibility of side-effects, such as irregular astigmatism or haziness, central islands, and degradation of eyesight after surgery, is significantly low.

– Significantly low post-surgery pain compared to general LASEK surgery.

– It takes less time to recover normal eyesight and return to ordinary life. It is effective in curing xerophthalmia before and after the surgery thanks to its strong epithelium nutritive functions.

PRP LASEK is for those who have a refractory xerophthalmia or need a treatment with artificial tears due to xerophthalmia after LASIK surgery. It is effective for faster recovery after LASEK surgery or for preventing cornea haziness. It can also be used for those with high myopia, high astigmatism, thin corneas, or presbyopia.

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