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  • What is PRP?
  • What is Buffy Coat?
  • Features and Advantages of Ycellbio PRP Kit
  • Ycellbio Concentration Rate Test
What is PRP?

– PRP is the abbreviation of Platelet Rich Plasma, which means platelet-concentrated plasma.

– When centrifuging blood, it is separated into erythrocyte, plasma, and platelet. Among the centrifuged plasma, growth factor-rich plasma that contains more than 1,000,000/μl platelet count is referred to as PRP.

PRP : A lot of Platelets + Few plasma

– Platelet Rich Plasma

– More than 1,000,000/μl PLT count

– The more PLT it contains, the stronger effectiveness patients
can experience

PPP : Mostly Plasma + Few Platelets

– Platelet Poor Plasma

– Few PLT count

– No effectiveness

What is Buffy Coat?

Buffy coat is a white, strip-shaped layer in which platelets, leukocytes and stem cells are contained, and it the core 1% of PRP.

Role of Platelet

The alpha granules of platelet contain not only the growth factors that perform the basic function in hemostasis or tissue healing such as PDGF, TGF, PDAF, PDEGF, EGF, TNF, LDGF, FGF and CTGF but proteins that act on cell adhesion such as Fibrin, Fibronectin, Vitronectin. The generation of new blood vessel and fibrous tissue as well as collagenesis stimulated by growth factors facilitates the quick regeneration of epithelial cells and enhances the ability to heal wounds.

Features and Advantages of Ycellbio PRP Kit

High Concentration (7 to 9 times)

The concentration rate of PRP platelet extracted using Y-cellbio PRP kit is 7 to 9 times greater than that of platelet in the blood before centrifugation. (High concentration generally refers to 4 to 5 times)

PRP Extraction available only with 13.5of blood

The important thing when extracting PRP is not the amount of blood but the PRP concentration rate.
· Y-cellbio PRP Kit can extract high concentrated PRP containing more than 1,500,000/㎕ of platelet from 15㎖ of blood.

Easy to Use

Pure PRP with almost no RBC can be easily extracted using the kit thank to the tornado method applied to it (Injection of PRP may cause pain to the patient if the PRP injected contains relatively a large amount of RBC).

All types of centrifuges can be used

Y-cellbio PRP Kit is the world’s first 15㎖ PRP kit and is compatible with all types of centrifuges.


E.O sterilized and individually packed


Y-cellbio PRP Kit is an authentic medical device approved by the following;

Creative and Scientific “ Y ” Design

Y-CELLBIO KIT optimal to platelet separation and concentration!

 Safety Wings: 

4 alar plates that prop up the upper part of the kit ensures accurate extraction
of buffy coat.

 Slim Neck: 

The clear display of buffy coat on the slim and transparent neck of the kit helps operator perform extraction easily and efficiently.

 RBC Adjustment Lever: 

The height of RBC after centrifugation can be adjusted at your command.

Ycellbio Concentration Rate Test

Growth factor in my blood, cell regeneration using stem cells

YCELLBIO Concentration Test

※ Y-CELLBIO PRP KIT can extract highly concentrated PRP with a relatively small amount of blood (15ml) compared to the exiting Kits.

Provides 7 to 9 times of PRP concentration rate compared to the blood before centrifugation (approximately 1,200,000 to 2,000,000/μl of platelet amount)

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