Y-PRP System

  • What is ‘Good PRP’ System?
What is ‘Good PRP’ System?



During the blood separation process, Ycellbio system can cover all the variations caused from each different blood
condition of individuals, using its own special control functions.

Growth Factors in My Blood, Cell Regeneration Using Blood Stem Cells

What is PRP Pain Treatment:

The ample growth factors contained in platelets activate stem cells to help tissue regeneration and relieve inflammation. Unlike pre-existing treatments that inject artificial chemical substances, the PRP injection treatment uses your own blood, which has been proven to have in no side effects such as allergic reactions or bacterial infections. It has also been proved to be safe and very effective in treatment and pain relief.

Efficacy of PRP Pain Treatment:

As platelet rich plasma contains ample growth factors that promote the regeneration of cartilage cells, injecting PRP in the area with pain prevents the destruction of cartilage cells through PRP’s effectiveness in reinforcing cartilage cells and in increasing self-healing ability.

PRP Treatment Procedures:

1) Blood Collection : Collect 15ml of blood

2) Platelet Separation : Concentrate platelet using a centrifuge

3) PRP Extraction : Extract a part of concentrated platelet and plasma

4) PRP Injection : Inject the concentrated PRP to the treatment area using an injector

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