Merry MCCosmetics!

November 28, 2018mccosmetics

Merry MCCosmetics!

November 28, 2018

Within 2 days, all of us will politely be ending conversations with “MERRY CHRISTMAS” whether with family, friends or employees of the local cookies’ stores… Because we are all looking forward to Christmas time!

It is a special time where everybody is happy and warmed by the fireplace, with a nice cup of hot chocolate with slices of marshmallows… And we can’t dismiss those everybody-know-the-lyrics Christmas’ songs. Hmmm everything is to die for!!

Imagine this view along with the perfect present for your beloved ones, a pack of two boxes of mccosmetics products. The bigger one contains the cleansing process: Cleansing milk with Facial Toner. And the smaller one was made to complement your daily care, which contains a Sun Block and an Antiaging cream!

These creams will take care of your skin during those trips to your hometown, creating a protective barrier in order to outlast against harsh environmental conditions.

The BOX on your right:

Cleansing milk: recommended for all skin type, it provides the basic step to a deep cleansing of the skin.

Facial Toner: is also recommended for all skin type and it complements the daily cleansing care.

The BOX on your left:

Sun Block: For all skin type, it hydrates and prevents photo aging and the appearance of spots.

Antiaging Cream: correction, prevention and elimination of premature expression wrinkles. It provides excellent skin tolerance and it is ideal for a softened, hydrated skin giving it a younger look.

Still having thoughts about what to offer this Christmas? Do not forget this excellent tip and spread those beauty basic steps for a glam healthy skin look!

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